New Construction Projects & Remodels

Additions | Remodels | Kitchens | Baths | Entire house make overs.

Whether you’re having a custom home built or remodeled, or you’re the contractor doing the work, MJT Painting can help make your project a success with our New Constructions Houses Services in Abbotsford. We’ve played a part in home makeovers, kitchen and bath remodels, additions, and new developments. We partner with general contractors, project managers, directors, and clients to help make their vision a reality and provide them with New Construction Services in Langley. Our professional and experienced crew will change your view of painting contractors. Call to set up your on-site consultation and estimate today.

New Constructions Houses Services in Abbotsford

No one job is the same and there are plenty of variables and we try our best to work around that. But this is our most efficient way to get the job done.

All the surfaces are cleaned, masked, and protected. Using high-quality primer, the ceilings, and walls are primed first and then sanded and wiped clean. Then we Come back and patch the ceilings and walls to remove imperfections to give it a nice finish, and then we mask everything that isn't getting painted. The next step involves painting ceilings and then prepping your trim and spraying it to finish, sanding the walls, and painting them. This process is always evolving and changes depending on other trades and custom jobs.

We also offer Exterior painting on new build homes and townhouses. With the right approach, technique, and products for the job, your exterior will not only last but will look great for years to come. Maintaining your home’s exterior is about far more than appearances. It’s about protecting what protects you from the elements.

First, we'll fix anything that needs fixing with materials made for professionals before we start our New Construction Services in Langley. Then, prior to painting or sealing, we sand and properly prepare all surfaces to make sure the finish is beautiful and will last. Everything is covered and taped off so that the finish lines are straight and clean. The best paints on the market are then sprayed, brushed, and rolled on to give your houses and buildings a long-lasting, elegant finish.